Not Getting High?

We can help you with that!

"I keep puffing and I just don't seem to be getting high."

We find that that there are three issues that keep folks from getting the high they want from their Hijinx Elixir.  

Equipment Issue. 

While Hijinx Elixir will vape in virtually any tank/battery set-up, in order to activate that lovely THC and get it to get you to the cloud, you should be using a battery that has enough power (most of them will work just fine) and a bottom coil tank with sufficient airflow. 

Tasting burnt? Switch out your atomizer or coils for freshies and continue vaping to the cloud.

Plain and simple, stoners, don't forget to inhale and hold it in. 

Vaping is new to some folks and you might just cough the first few times.  Don't be embarrassed, hit it again, inhale and hold it in then exhale. 


If you smoke a lot, dab a lot, and generally spend a lot of your day with cannabis, you will need more Hijinx to get you high, just as you might need more of an edible than a more casual user.