Let the Hijinx Begin

Hijinx Top Shelf Bud

Nothing but the best, better then the rest. Pesticide Free, Hot House Grown Cannabis that is destined to get you HIGH! You will be saying, "Home Honey! I am High!" in no time.

Hijinx Elixir

Hijinx Elixir is a hand crafted THC infused e-liquid designed for your vaping pleasure. With 850+ mg of fully activated THC, Hijinx is designed to take you to the cloud! Hijinx is a versatile liquid - put into your favorite tank, dripper, joint, bowl, or hot nail. Inhale Deeply-Hold-Exhale-Repeat (as desired). Hijinx Elixir is delicious and discrete. All of the consumption without the traditional combustion. Now the Hijinx has Begun!


**WARNING CAUTION ATTENTION ACHTUNG, BABY!** Do we have your attention yet? Great, now that we have your attention let's discuss RSO. Hijinx RSO is the most potent cannabis product currently available on the market. This product should be used with extreme caution.


Hijinx brings you a concentrated extract to supercharge your high. Hijinx SuperGoo can be dripped into your joint, dropped into your vape, and dabbed onto a hot nail. So drip, drop, and dab your way to extra high-octane Hijinx.


SexPot brings the Hijinx into the bedroom. Beginning with Hijinx's proprietary, high end extracts, Sexpot blends the concentrate into an inviting base to hydrate and lubricate all your bits and pieces! Apply liberally and let your imagination run wild. Reignite your bedroom fun, without combustion!

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