Do You Even Vape?

  • What Even is Vaping?

  • What Even is Vaping?

    "Vaping" utilizes a device (sometimes called an electronic cigarette) to heat a liquid into vapor form for inhalation.  All vaping devices have the same three basic components:  a battery, a heating element, and a cartridge/tank that holds a liquid to be vaporized.  The battery is generally a lithium ion battery that may or may not be rechargeable.  The heating element is called an "Atomizer" and is housed in a direct drip tube, a cartomizer cartridge, or a tank. The liquid is then delivered to the atomizer and, when heated (thanks to the battery powering the device), produces the vapor that the vapor inhales.  In the case of Hijinx Elixir, that liquid contains a whole lot of beautiful THC.   

  • How do I Choose a Device?

    There are lots of options, and our friends at Sublime Vapor can help get you the right ones if you can't find what you are looking for at your local shop.  Like lots of things, a better device will get you a better experience (more flavor, more THC activiation).  Most importantly, look for a bottom coil tank and follow the instructions for filling, saturating, and using that tank.